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20 April 2015

We are grateful to the Future of Life Institute and writer Sophie Hebdon for an excellent piece about our work at CSER.

Ever since our ancestors discovered how to make sharp stones more than two and a half million years ago, our mastery of tools has driven our success as a species. But as our tools become more powerful, we could be putting ourselves at risk should they fall into the wrong hands— or if humanity loses control of them altogether. Concerned with bioengineered viruses, unchecked climate change, and runaway artificial intelligence? These are the challenges the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) was founded to grapple with.

At its heart, CSER is about ethics and the value you put on the lives of future, unborn people. If we feel any responsibility to the billions of people in future generations, then a key concern is ensuring that there are future generations at all… Read more

The in-depth article contains updates on some of our recent events, interviews with directors Seán Ó hEigeartaigh, Huw Price and Martin Rees, and can be read in full at the FLI website.

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