Martin Rees on the Futures Podcast with Luke Robert Masin

16 July 2020

Ensuring Humanity's Survival w/ Lord Martin Rees | FUTURES Podcast LIVE.

Explore how the existential threats facing humanity might be avoided through the wise application of powerful new technologies. Join Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees for FUTURES Podcast LIVE, hosted by Luke Robert Mason. Humanity has reached a critical juncture. During the next century we are likely to face a number of existential threats from cyberattacks, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and climate change. Surviving these scenarios will depend on our collective ability to foster new approaches to planning for tomorrow. Current methods are hampered by short-term thinking, polarising debates, alarmist rhetoric, and pessimism. For us to successfully leverage science to solve our greatest problems - while avoiding the dystopian risks - we must learn to think rationally, globally and optimistically about the future. How can we responsibly develop and harness novel technology in order to address our greatest challenges? What long term impact will biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and space exploration have on society? What will a post-human existence mean for our planet?

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