Meet the Researcher: Dr Clarissa Rios Rojas

07 October 2020

Dr Clarissa Rios Rojas, Research Associate


Clarissa works at CSER's project of Public Policy for Global Risk. She holds a bachelor in Biology and Genetics/Biotechnology from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Peru), a Master in Biomedicine and Neuroscience from Karolinska Institutet University (Sweden) and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Queensland (Australia). Following this, she worked at OEFA (an agency from the Ministry of Environment in Peru), the Joint Research Center from the European Commission and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (Switzerland) providing science-based evidence and advice for policymaking in the areas of emerging technologies, gender equality and international security. Her work is also related to science diplomacy, reduction of Inequalities and education for the Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, she has been recognized as an Eisenhower Fellow, UN Women Champion for Change, a UNESCO delegate, an Emerging Leader at the Atlantic Dialogues, a Fellow at the Asian Forum for Global Governance/Raisina Dialogues, an advisor at Women Economic Forum and as a co-lead of the Science Advice working group at the Global Young Academy.

 Keywords: Science for policy, reduction of inequalities, gender equality, international security, science diplomacy.

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