New Book: The Era of Global Risk

30 August 2023

We are delighted to announce the publication of The Era of Global Risk: An Introduction to Existential Risk Studies edited by SJ Beard, Martin Rees, Catherine Richards, and Clarissa Rios Rojas.

This volume presents a series of specially written essays that explore different aspects of global risk, with the potential to bring about human extinction and civilization collapse. Bringing together experts from many disciplines working at or collaborating with CSER, it provides a comprehensive survey of what we know about this risk, how we can understand it better, and, most importantly, what can be done to manage it effectively.

These essays pair insights from decades of research and activism around global risk with the latest academic findings from the emerging transdisciplinary field of Existential Risk Studies. They assess natural systems, societal pressures, and technological advances to build an empowering vision of how we can safeguard humanity’s long-term future. 

The book covers methods and approaches for studying and managing global risk with in-depth discussion of core risk drivers: including environmental breakdown, novel technologies, global-scale natural disasters, and security threats. It is aimed to be both inspiring and accessible for students of global risk and those committed to its mitigation, and poses the critical question: how can we make sense of this era of global risk and move beyond it to an era of global safety?

The book is published open access and the digital version is freely available from the publisher


SJ Beard has also written a blog about the book and changing the conversation around Existential Risk.

Read the blog

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