Di Cooke

Research Affiliate

Di Cooke is a Visiting Fellow in the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, as well as a Research Affiliate at CSER and at the Centre for the Governance of AI.  Di's work focuses on AI risks and governance in a defence context, along with the impact of AI on intelligence activities within and outside of the conventional Intelligence Community. 

As part of the AI FAR Team, Di's research has included examining the role of AI in high-risk scenarios, such as nuclear escalation; analysing the nascent development of dual-use technology regulations, like electricity, to provide insights for effective AI governance; interrogating potential compute governance frameworks; identifying and addressing ethical and risk-related challenges facing military efforts to operationalise AI safely and securely.  Di was also involved in leading the organisation of Track 1.5 dialogues between UK Defence, industry, and academia on AI risks within the defence landscape, and on internal AI FAR strategy directions and considerations. Finally, part of her work was a secondment with the MOD to support the development of strategic-level AI policy, where she built the MOD’s assurance guidance materials to direct and inform its AI operationalization approach in accordance with its AI Ethical Principles.

Di is also an OSINT practitioner, engaging in both private and government-led work and consultation. She is a doctoral candidate in the War Studies Department at King's College London, holding an MA in Intelligence and International Security from KCL as well as a joint BA in International Relations and Psychology from the University of St Andrews.

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