Not Cool podcast: Ellen Quigley and Natalie Jones on defunding the fossil fuel industry

19 November 2019

Defunding the fossil fuel industry is one of the biggest factors in addressing climate change and lowering carbon emissions. But with international financing and powerful lobbyists on their side, fossil fuel companies often seem out of public reach.

On Not Cool episode 24, Ariel Conn is joined by Ellen Quigley and Natalie Jones, who explain why that’s not the case, and what you can do — without too much effort — to stand up to them. Ellen and Natalie, both researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), explain what government regulation should look like, how minimal interactions with our banks could lead to fewer fossil fuel investments, and why divestment isn’t enough on its own. They also discuss climate justice, Universal Ownership theory, and the international climate regime.

Topics discussed include:

  • Divestment
  • Universal Ownership theory
  • Demand side and supply side regulation
  • Impact investing
  • Nationally determined contributions
  • Low greenhouse gas emission development strategies
  • Just transition
  • Economic diversification

You can use the financial system, and use investors and banks, to delegitimize the fossil fuel industry. Strip them of financing, and also strip them of the moral license to operate. And once you don’t have a moral license to operate, that’s when governments can get in and start doing interesting things. ~ Natalie Jones


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