Oxford University Press to Publish ‘Architectures of Artificial Intelligence Governance’ by Matthijs Maas

05 August 2022

CSER Research Affiliate Matthijs Maas has signed a book contract with Oxford University Press, to write and publish a book provisionally entitled Architectures of Artificial Intelligence Governance: Framing a Global Approach.

In this book, Dr. Maas explores how we can govern this changing technology, in a changing world, while grappling with how AI systems will change the tools, norms and processes of international law in turn. In the past decade, AI technology has made remarkable progress; within the next, it is set to become a transformative technology with high-stakes, and potentially extreme, global impacts. The world is at a crossroads in the global governance for AI. The book’s core argument is that governance for artificial intelligence must adopt new approaches to account for AI-driven changes under-, to-, and in international law. This requeirs new approaches—in instrument design, instrument choice, and regulatory attitudes.

Dr. Maas is to deliver the final book in 2023, for subsequent publication. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Legal Priorities Project, and a Research Affiliate with the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk.

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