Podcast: The Post Covid World?

17 May 2020

Has the new coronavirus changed the world for good? Air pollution dropping, clearer skies, traffic free streets and nature reclaiming urban spaces; all these have been reported around the globe. But for people the impacts of Covid-19 have been much more mixed. We interview three thinkers on how this disease may impact the environment and human society. Michelle joins researcher Simon Beard, from the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, to talk about whether a pandemic can be transformative; Nick talks to Elena Moses, activist and educator about the economic future she hopes for, and to conservationist, Kevin Hand, who tells us about lockdown's impacts on local wildlife. Plus Sheena Mooney describes the new Future Generations Bill, presented by Caroline Lucas, and put forward by All -Party Parliamentary Group and how it could help us to hold onto some of the more positive impacts of the crisis.
First aired on Cambridge 105 Radio

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