Primer on recent CSER research by Matthijs Maas

06 May 2022

CSER researcher Matthijs Maas has written up a short blog post on the EA Forum, based on a previous talk, where he provides a personal overview of some recent lines of CSER research. The piece in particular focuses on the area of AI governance, but also covers and links to CSER’s extensive work in other areas of existential risk mitigation- and policy work.

In doing so, Matthijs suggests that CSER’s work and approach offers (1) substantive and decision-relevant insights into a range of existential risks, both in terms of threat models and in terms of mitigation strategies; (2) a distinct approach and methodology to study existential risks and global catastrophic risks; and a record of working across academic disciplines and institutes to produce peer-reviewed academic work on existential risks; (3) a track record of policy impact at both the national (UK) and international level, which others can draw from.

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