Six Month Report Nov 2017 - May 2018

06 June 2018

We have just prepared a Six Month Report for our Management Committee. This is a public version of that Report. We send short monthly updates in our newsletter – subscribe here.

CSER staff, along with our Management Committee and other senior advisors, have continued a high level of research and engagement over the last six months:

  • Publication of seventeen papers and a book – some award-winning, one in Nature;
  • Worldwide media coverage and extensive policy-maker interest for landmark publications on: environmental risk and governance; the malicious use of AI; and emerging issues in bioengineering;
  • Hosting three workshops, four public lectures with distinguished speakers, and our second Cambridge Conference on Catastrophic Risk;
  • Engagement with the public through media coverage and public talks;
  • Supporting Cambridge students to launch an All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations in the UK Parliament

In the Report you can read more details about our Publications, Workshops and Public Lectures, Media Coverage, Policy Engagement, Academic Engagement, and Upcoming activities.

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