Martin Rees on Sky News Panel: After The Pandemic: How will life and society change?

04 June 2020

After The Pandemic: How will life and society change?

Sky News live discussion on post-pandemic life with leading names from culture, politics, economics, science and tech, including: Prince Charles, Nicola Mendelsohn, Benjamin Zephaniah, Lionel Shriver, and Lord Martin Rees.

On fake news, Lord Rees: "I think we have tension between freedom, privacy and security. There is an endemic problem with social media [and fake news]. Opinion gets polarised on every issue. I don't see how the companies can deal with this themselves. It does polarise opinion rather than moderating the extremes."

On who matters, Lord Rees: "One of the consequences of this pandemic will be a realisation of who matters in our society. I hope that everyone will realise that not only black lives matter, but those who are at the bottom of the heap as well."

On the balance between home and work, Lord Rees: "It's probably going to change the way we work, maybe more home working and less commuting. That has it's upsides and its downsides. But it may also be bad for socialising at work. The balance is I think going to change. We're going to use our homes differently. We're going to find homes are too small and too cramped if we're working from home."

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