Summer visitors

22 September 2017

Over the summer CSER has welcomed a number of interns and visitors who are pursuing independent projects. The following videos highlight the work of three visitors who were supervised by CSER Research Associate Simon Beard.

Natalie Jones is a PhD student in the Law Department at the University of Cambridge. In 2017 she had, in collaboration with the Future of Sentience Society which CSER supports, produced a research paper on political representation for future generations around the world. This included a specific proposal to establish a mechanism for the representation of future generations in the UK via the establishment of an All Party Parliamentary Group within the UK Parliament to represent their interests. The group will be formally established later this year and it is planned for CSER to play an on-going role in supporting its activities in order to increase our engagement with UK policy makers.

Rachel Polfer is an undergraduate at Mount Hollyoak College where she studies both Philosophy and Biology and has previous experience working with GM mosquitos in countering the Zika virus. She has been working on an analysis of different approaches towards the evaluation of biological risks including an assessment of the value of taking a precautionary approach to the evaluation of genetically modified organisms, a comparative assessment of the existential risks posed by synthetic biology and nanotechnology and an introductory report on emerging biological technologies for a general audience, including synthetic biology, CRISPER-Cas9 and gene drives.


Andrew Ware is a senior undergraduate at the University of New Hampshire where he studies Philosophy and Economics. Andrew worked on evaluating the distributional implications of AI and Machine Learning, with a special focus on their ability to solve problems of resource scarcity. Andrew’s research involved establishing an extensive network of potential stakeholders across the fields of philosophy, economics, AI, Robotics, Climate Science, Development and Law. His research has already helped to inform CSER’s response to the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence public enquiry on the ethical implications of AI.

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