Towards a Postman Future - Martin Rees with The Royal Institution

06 August 2020

Towards a Posthuman Future – with Martin Rees | The Royal Institution

Martin Rees explores how advances in technology and artificial intelligence, if pursued and applied wisely, could empower us to overcome the threats humanity faces on Earth. Martin's book "On the Future" is now available: Martin Rees is a leading astrophysicist as well as a senior figure in UK science. He has conducted influential theoretical work on subjects as diverse as black hole formation and extragalactic radio sources, and provided key evidence to contradict the Steady State theory of the evolution of the Universe. Martin was also one of the first to predict the uneven distribution of matter in the Universe, and proposed observational tests to determine the clustering of stars and galaxies. Much of his most valuable research has focused on the end of the so-called cosmic dark ages — a period shortly after the Big Bang when the Universe was as yet without light sources. As Astronomer Royal and a Past President of the Royal Society, Martin is a prominent scientific spokesperson and the author of seven books of popular science. After receiving a knighthood in 1992 for his services to science, he was elevated to the title of Baron Rees of Ludlow in 2005. His latest book 'On the Future: Prospects for Humanity' is available now on Amazon and in all good bookstores. 

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