Memetic Mythology for the End Times

Published on 02 October 2023

Memetic Mythology for the End Times 

Memetic 5

 Memetic Mythology for the End Times PDF

Memetic Mythology for the End Times is a small book written by Dr Lauren Holt with the support of the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation (VKRF). As part of efforts to address the current interlocking environmental and human social catastrophes VKRF term the ‘poly-crisis’, and with a focus on issues surrounding biodiversity, this text was written as a guide and support for using mythology and stories pre or post-civilizational collapse. Part performance art, part ‘book of solace and sorcery’ it is premised on the idea that should the worst happen there may be a way of rebuilding society on a better foundation than before through looking at stories that have been used in the past.

Scripture MP3

pdf of the 'scripture' script

Written by Lauren Holt and Bram Arnold 

Music by The Floating Cellist , Oh Mr James , and Harpist by the Sea 


Illustrations and bookbinding by Phyllida Bluemel. Phylly is an artist, designer, writer and lecturer based in Cornwall and Falmouth University. She works on a range of projects, particularly within the community and with poets and artists, to bring places ideas and bodies of research to tactile life. Lauren and Phylly worked together to create the images for the book which were inspired by tarot cards and ancient engravings, rendered in new and exciting ways.