Martina Kunz

Research Affiliate

Martina Kunz is a PhD candidate studying regulatory techniques of international environmental law under the supervision of Professor Jorge Viñuales at the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge.

In addition to research assistance she undertakes small group teaching in environmental law at the Department of Land Economy and the Faculty of Law, and occasionally holds workshops and lectures on the fundamentals of public international law for non-specialists, legal methodology, and mindmapping for critical analysis and creative thinking. Her current research focus lies in data science and complexity science in order to use tools developed in these areas to study the performance of legal systems with regard to environmental problem-solving.

Martina studied law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (LLM), Tsinghua University (China Scholarship Council Visiting Scholar), and the University of Geneva (LLB). She is fluent in German, English, Chinese, French, and Spanish, and has worked on a number of international and comparative law research projects for universities, NGOs and international organizations, mainly in the fields of environmental law, economic law, and public law at large.

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