Patrick Kaczmarek

Research Affiliate & Former Research Assistant

Patrick is a Senior Researcher at Effective Giving (Netherlands team), a philanthropic organisation that advises ultra-high-net-worth individuals on how they can do the most good. Before this, he was based at CSER where the lion's share of his efforts was put into investigating the conditions under which one state of affairs is better than another, when the states of affairs in question may differ over the numbers and the identities of the persons who ever live. He's afraid these thorny questions continue to loom large despite his best efforts. Although he now spends less time chewing over these really hard questions, he continues to toil away at answering them. 

He completed his PhD at the University of Glasgow under the supervision of Campbell Brown and Ben Colburn. A substantial portion of his graduate studies was spent as a Visiting Researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford and a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh.

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