Sarah Woods

Visiting Researcher, April 2023 - January 2024

Sarah is an award-winning playwright and currently Associate Professor at the Denmark National School of Performing Arts. She will be working with Paul Ingram on their project People & Patterns: transforming the ways we think and connect when everything is at risk.

Using a variety of tools to describe the dysfunctions behind the hazards that drive existential risk and adopting inclusive points of departure, the project will draw diverse people into co-creative processes, including workshops, live narratives, dialogues and online platforms. It will explore and develop effective ways to empower and energise people’s commitment to working together with complexity, imagining diverse futures that hold positive promise as well as those with sobering warnings.

As we engage openly together in this process on a variety of global catastrophic risks, we will learn how transformations in our collective thinking and approaches can lead to significant improvement in our capacities to manage and reduce risk. We aim to find ways to let go of dysfunctional patterns and move towards those that reinforce relationship, respect and peace.

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