Evidence to the House of Lords Inquiry into Risk Assessment and Risk Planning

15 February 2021

The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk has contributed to an ongoing inquiry by the House of Lords into UK Risk Assessment and Risk Planning.
CSER founder Martin Rees and CSER Research Affiliate Des Brown are both serving members of the committee of inquiry.

CSER’s executive director Catherine Rhodes gave oral evidence to an inquiry session on UK biosecurity

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CSER’s academic programme manager Simon Beard gave oral evidence to an inquiry session on technological risk. 
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CSER researchers, led by Shahar Avin, produced a unified written evidence submission that summarized our approach to defining and classifying extreme risks; the systemic nature of extreme risks; the relationship between extreme risk and global justice; and key research findings on tools for appropriately responding to extreme risks.

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CSER researchers, led by Clarissa Rios Rojas, also produced a detailed summary of foresight, futures and horizon scanning techniques that we have developed for the study of extreme risks and that could be implemented within the UK policy context.

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