New Narratives in Global Catastrophic Risk - Part 1

14 November 2022
by SJ Beard, Clarissa Rios Rojas, Lorena Escudero, Xiaolei Zhang

As part of the University of Cambridge’s Borysiewicz Interdisciplinary Fellowships programme CSER researchers SJ Beard and Clarissa Rios Rojas have been working with Lorena Escuadero (a Turing Fellow and Senior Research Associate at the Department for Radiology) and Xiaolei Zhang (a researcher at the European Bioinformatics Institute) to develop new narratives around global catastrophic risk.

They have delivered workshops and received training and mentorship in creative writing and theatre and have produced a range of outputs including poetry, stories, plays, comics, and a pitch for a radio programme as well as putting on a joint performance.

Below is a selection of their early outputs that were presented at a meeting of the Science Policy Interface for Global Catastrophic and Existential Risk in October 2022. A further selection of their work will be featured as part of the 2023 Cambridge festival.

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