Gideon Futerman

Visiting Research, February 2023 - March 2023

Primary contact: SJ Beard 

Gideon Futerman's research interests primarily lie in the interaction of Solar Radiation Modification (SRM/Solar Geoengineering) and Existential Risk, both assessing how SRM increases and decreases risk, with particular reference to the impacts of near term actions, researching this through the RESILIENCER Project. At CSER, Gideon will primarily be working on scenarios of SRM and Climate Change's interaction with Existential Risk, and how this relates to research and governance considerations, as well as organising a workshop to further the conversation. He is also interested in how we study existential risk, and working on how to best organise the discipline to be suited to its purpose, and will also be researching this at CSER.

Prior to working on this, Gideon has been involved in and around the SRM research community working on projects around youth engagement on SRM and on looking at plausible low environmental impact SRM experiments. He has also in the past been involved in youth climate advocacy, founding an organisation working on climate restoration. He is currently on a year off from studying Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford.

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