Matthijs Maas

Research Affiliate & Former Research Associate

Matthijs is a Senior Research Fellow (Law & AI) and Head of AI Research at the Legal Priorities Project; a Research Affiliate at CSER, and a non-residential research associate at King’s College, University of Cambridge. His work focuses on mapping theories of change for long-term AI governance.

At CSER, Matthijs’s work, conducted as part of the AI-FAR team, focused on adaptive global governance for extreme technological risks, with a particular focus on regimes for high-stakes uses of AI technology. As part of this, he researched the ways in which military AI technologies could contribute to global catastrophic risks; the effects of AI technology on international law itself, and the history of cases of unilateral and multilateral technological restraint. He also led a submission of input on the UK Government’s National Resilience Strategy. Matthijs retains active research collaborations with AI-FAR and CSER.

Prior to joining CSER, Matthijs received a PhD in Law from the University of Copenhagen, and a MSc in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh. He has previous experience working at The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies and the Dutch Embassy in Beirut, amongst others. 

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